Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Third Try

I woke up this morning and once again decided to try Phasing, after relaxing and falling asleep a few times on my final try i lost all sense of feeling in my hands, this is becoming common place when i practice. at the end it felt like i had put my hands together on top of my stomach but they still remained by my sides which was a really strange experiance.

I tried about an hour later using the BrainWave Generator but to no avail as my mind kept wondering, partly due to the fact i'm absolutely starving from lying awake in before for almost 2 hours.

Happy Travels.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Blue Calcite - Crystal Power?

I have read in alot of places that the crystal Blue Calcite aids in Astral Projection, i have never been a massive believer in crystal energy but alot of people swear by it so i'm currently looking for some blue calcite and ill tell you all if it helps me out so you don't have to waste your cash.

For anyone interested in the calcite/crystal benefits then i found this site was pretty informative.


Have fun :)

Second Try

This morning was now my second try. My research had shown that APing is more common after prolonged amounts of sleep (ideally 8 hours but this isn't a set in stone figure so you can turn your alarm clock off again). I woke up and my girlfriend was still asleep (its impossible to mediate when she is the least bit awake because she's a cuddler), i lay on my back and followed the phasing practices i had read about. (shown below for your viewing)

  • Lay flat on your back - arms by your sides
  • Eyes Closed
  • Breath normally and feel your body sinking into deeper states of relaxation "Notice" the feelings you are getting in your body but don't mentally react (like "OHHH MY GOD!")
  • Focus on the black behind your eyes and the shapes and patterns if they form - dont react
After about 10 mins i had the weirdest feeling whilst meditating to date. It was like i suddenly had a huge surge of energy through my body, parts of my body twitched and my stomach felt like it was being pushed down, the only way i could describe it would be the feeling you would get if you drank 14 cans of Redbull and tried to sit still.

I must admit in my shock my focus completely broke down and i was so interested in what was happening that it faded away after about 10 seconds.

This seems to be the on set of the vibrations you get before you can leave your physical body, i did try shortly afterward to get the feeling again but my girlfriend was stirring to much and i was focusing on what just happened to much so i abandoned the attempt after a few minutes.

First Try

My first try i was using the BwGenerator featured in my last post. I had misplaced my headphones so was using a speaker either side of my head to replicate the experience. I lay flat on my back on my bed with a pillow under my head.

I relaxed and just focused on my breathing and the binural sound and relaxed, after about 12 mins my left hand because what i can only described a paralyzed, it was laying flat on the bed yet i couldn't feel the covers at all, shortly after my left hand became like this also for a few seconds, my right hand stayed like this for about 3 minutes before i focused to much on it and then regained feeling.

This was my first strange experience, even though it seems like nothing it was very out of the ordinary for meditation practices i usually have.

After my first session i joined Astral Pulse Forums and posted my experiences, its a great forum and support network and is full of people that can AP or are learning. Its worth a look if you haven't already come across it - my user name on there is Arkwind.

My Research

Main Research
Before i started devoting serious practice to this i wanted to find out some sort of step by step guide on how to astral project, later i found out this really isn't possible. It seems like there is a 101 different methods to release your astral body and expand your conscious mind, and everyone has a different opinion on it and on what works for them.

I read alot of methods that suggest diets and herbal plants and drugs etc, can i just say now - ignore all these websites and forums now because that amount of mental and physical hardship is not necessary to the end result and there are thousands of APers(Astral Projectors) that achieve amazing results without any of this and just leading a normal life.

One method that did catch my eye was what seems to go by the name of Phasing. (For all of you that have done some research into APing you'll know that phasing isn't really a method of sorts and so many people say it is different things, so here's my take). Phasing seems to me to be a simple relaxed meditation without strict breathing patterns, you simply "notice" what is happening to your body as you get deeper and deeper into a relaxed "trance" like state (personally i hate the phrase "trance" because it brings about images of witch doctors, brain washing and phony mystics etc.)

Phasing seems to have the highest success rate out of people i have talked to because all it relys on is your willingness to focus and wait for something to happen. So initally im going to start out with this approach.

Hemi Sync & Binural

For those of you that have researched AP you will of at least at one point touched on the whole Hemi-Sync topic by the Monroe academy and the theory behind binural beats and for those who haven't its worth googling quickly now before reading on. I figured anything with this much science behind it must be worth a look, i wasn't going to buy a Hemi-Sync astral cd because they were like $40, so instead i downloaded this http://www.bwgen.com/ Which produces the same binural frequencies and thus deliverers a similar affect (and it has other tunes to aid you stopping smoking and waking up etc). Ill tell you how this software goes later on.


Hi, my names Arkwind, i'm 18 and studying computer networks and security in Birmingham in the uk. I started this blog to share my experiences whilst i'm learning how to astral project so i hope you find it useful/entertaining.

In real life i am a bit of an academic and computer techy and am studying a degree in computer networks and security which i'm absolutely loving.

My back ground as far as spirituality goes is pretty rocky, about 2 years ago i started looking into alot of the Buddhist scriptures and teachings and became a practicing Buddhist for a while but this kind of phased out of my life however i kept up the frequent meditations. Recently in my meditations i had been frequently seeing bold images and hearing voices, googling these experiences lead me onto astral projection which i took an immediate intrest to because it explained alot of things that have happened to me in the past.

Previous Astral/OOB incidents:
As i said above, when i first started reading astral projection literature there where a few experiences in my childhood and in recent times that tied well into the astral theology and experiences of others, here are a few.

Recently i was asleep in my bed with my girlfriend and in my dream my ex girlfriends father was threatening me with a broken glass ashtray, my mind realised what was going on and i said to myself "This must be a dream, somethings not right here". Instantly i put my arms out to my sides and fell straight back onto the floor(in my dream) but instead of hitting the floor i dropped through it and woke up instantly, it felt like i had literally fallen into my bed. Research has shown me that this is a "Lucid Dream".

A long time ago when i was a kid, i woke up in the middle of the night completely paralyzed and at the bottom of my bed was a humanoid figure shaped like a man but probably 8ft tall and made of a pure black mass, its the blackest thing i have ever seen, so black that it stands out in a pitch black room. It terrified me as a child and i still can remember every second of it. Research has told me that the paralysis that i felt was "Sleep Paralysis" which is a common symptom of out of body experiences. The shadowy figure could be either a generation of my own consciousness, or something more crossing a layer of consciousness into my sight.

Anyway, this blog is going to document my experiences as i'm trying to harness astral projection and explore this ability, i hope you enjoy it.